Retailers await St. Patrick's Day crowds

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Ellis Square and City Market are already rockin' and rollin'.

Live music started early Friday afternoon and the area filled up fast. Some businesses expect huge crowds. Others like Café Gelatohhhh say they'll do well before and after St. Patrick's Day, but will close early Saturday.

"We sell ice cream. We don't sell beer. So we don't do a lot of business on St. Patrick's Day. And there are so many people outside. You can't get in. You can't get out, and I have young ladies who work here and people can get very – beery, " said Joel Caplan, of Café Gelatohhhh.

The Inn at Ellis Square is allowing vendors to sell food and St. Patrick's Day items on their property - adding to an expanded festival zone off the square.

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