Early Parade-goers Get the Best Spots

Some people always seem to get the really good seats at the St. Patrick's Day parade every year. There's a reason they have those spots, and Irish luck has very little to do with it. Dennis Cornelius has his own party on East Broad Street. He gets up way before dawn to stake out his family's spot.

He was there by 4am this morning with all the chairs, colorful party decorations, beverages and food. His spot is almost as much of a sight to see as the parade itself. "That's more the wife and the sister-in-law, the decorations," he said. "I do it for them. The atmosphere, the party. It's worth it."

Parade early-birds say it's not polite to reserve a large location just to hold it for someone else. The best spots are first come, first reserved.

Reported by: Liz Flynn, lflynn@wtoc.com