Editorial - 3/19/12

The supposed-Justice Department, has now challenged the Texas electoral photo ID law, saying it discriminates against Hispanic voters, in spite of the fact that seven-forms of government-issued ID's are accepted, and free photo ID's are available to legal voters.  Texas has appealed the federal blockade, with prominent Congressman, Lamar Smith saying that the Fed's challenge is (quote):  "an abuse of executive authority, and an affront to the citizens of Texas."

It's yet another instance of leftist-inspired abuse of power by the Big-Foot Feds, just like the supposed-Justice Department pulled against South Carolina, where, too, the State has filed a counter-suit. Enough of these bogus claims of voter discrimination and disenfranchising, based on the need for legal ID. Whether false documents, false addresses, or deceased still on the rolls, illegal voting does exist.  Recently, in two New England states, a citizen-investigator visited a number of polling places, used different names, showed no ID, and was handed a ballot at each.  In one Houston Congressional district, over 19,000 homes were found to have 6 or more registrants each.  It turned from strange to fraud, when too many of these addresses were found to be businesses or vacant lots!

Adopted so far by at least15 states, including Georgia and South Carolina, with others pending, to be against the photo ID requirement, is to approve of voting irregularities and purposeful polling-place fraud. The claim of disenfranchising voter-groups is ridiculous.  If you can find transportation to the polls to vote, you can find it to acquire a free, regulation, photo ID.  Firmly establishing the real identity of every vote-eligible American is necessary to maintain a true democratic republic.  These and other quick-sand-based challenges, erupting from D.C., are test-book examples of power-abuse.