Cadets Kissed in Annual Tradition

The Saint Patrick's Day parade just wouldn't be the same without the cadets from Benedictine Academy. They've marched for nearly a century, and there's something about them that makes women do some strange things. We asked some of the cadets the why women go so crazy when they go by, and they really didn't know what it was, but they always end up with tons of lipstick on their faces.

They all started the day with squeaky clean faces, knowing it would be just a matter of time before they would be all covered up with lipstick. "It's a tradition we haven't asked for but it occurs, people step out of line and into the parade formation and give a hug and kiss," said the school's Col. John Owens.

And as soon as these cadets started marching, the girls came running out of nowhere with their lips puckered up, ready to leave their mark. Nobody really knows for sure when kissing Benedictine cadets became a tradition, but you can see it's quite popular.

After speaking to some of these cadets after there three-mile march, we learned not all kisses received were welcomed. "The most embarrassing kiss...probably when one of my dad's friends tried to come out and kiss me," said senior Patrick Lowe. "I tried punching him."

But the majority of these cadets made out pretty well, all except one who had to sit out of the parade because of a broken ankle. But even he got at least one kiss. "I got a kiss before I came here because she thought I was marching and she didn't think she would see me, so she went a head and kissed me," said cadet Joe Smith.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen,