InSITE--America the Beautiful on the Web

It's a big, beautiful country filled with parks and unique recreational opportunities in just about every kind of climate you can imagine. There's so much to choose from, planning a trip in America can be daunting task for nature lovers. The federal government's helping out by showing off its natural wonders online at The elegantly designed home page is easy to navigate and features a rotation of suggested destinations.

Here you'll find some background on the protected lands, directions by plane, car or public transportation, contact information for the local office of the managing partner, even a weather outlook for the upcoming week.

Recreational opportunities at each site are listed, and geographic details can be learned through this handy resource,

This mapping system is really robust, allowing you search for your site and even zoom in to a remarkable degree of detail. If you're not sure where you want to go, but know the general area where you'll be, you can find sites within, let's say, fifty miles of Savannah. Such as the Blackbeard Island National National Wildlife Refuge, and several others.

Long distance travelers can zoom in on specific places along their routes and essentially poke around ahead of time without putting unnecessary mileage on the car. You can even find street maps of nearby towns where you might be staying.

If you have a specific outdoorsy activity in mind, pick one--or more--from one--or more--states, and you're bound to find several options, from the most well known to those you might never have heard of.

There's much more, and when you find what you're looking for, chances are it has its own local website, with pictures and more information.