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Police to Interview Parade Wreck Witnesses Again

Today, people are still talking about the car accident yesterday that injured several parade spectators as well as some marchers in the St. Patrick's Day parade. Police are still trying to determine what went so terribly wrong. At this point, investigators are not saying much. With so many different stories they heard from the hundreds of witnesses who saw the accident, they are now trying to determine reality from rumor.

The parade started off without a hitch for the Hahne and Kavanugh family cruising down the parade route in a 1996 Chrysler Sebring convertible. But that St. Paddy's Day paradise came to a halt when the driver, 62-year-old John Edward Shepard, lost control of the car and plowed into Wright Square

Now Savannah-Chatham police are trying to figure out what exactly went wrong. "We're looking into the aspect, is this mechanical or driver error?" Lt. Scott Simpkins told us.

Police have ruled out alcohol as the cause of the accident and are now talking to the manufacturers of the car. "We're making contact with Chrysler engineers to see if there is computer data on board," Simpkins said.

Police aren't the only ones trying to figure out what happened. Vincent Powers of the parade committee told us, "In 180 years, an incident of this magnitude hit pretty hard."

Many witnesses have many different stories, so trying to figure out truth from fiction hasn't been easy. "We need to reinterview witnesses," explained Lt. Simpkins. "Everyone was excited, so we need to narrow that down."

Savannah-Chatham police say they have not charged the driver with anything at this point.

Reported by: Hena Daniels, hdaniels@wtoc.com

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