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Girl jumped at Johnson High School caught on video

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A fight, caught on cell phone video, at Johnson High School. A 17 year-old female, jumped by a group of other students. 

Who's to blame?

All of the students involved, even the girl who says she was the victim, are at home as an investigation continues. Jameila Grant, 17, says she has been the victim of bullying, claims the school has done nothing to stop it and even ignored her warnings the day this happened.

It's hard for Grant to watch herself get attacked.

"The next thing I knew I turned around and she swung at me," Grant said. "A whole bunch of people were on top of me."

The 17-year-old's face is still scarred from the Tuesday brawl. "I was defending myself, so I was fighting back."

Her reaction now caused her to also be suspended 10 days. Grant says she's the victim.

"If multiple students approach me, what am I supposed to do? Not fight back? Not defend myself?" she said.

Grant and her family sat down with WTOC to describe physical harassment and bullying they claim began several weeks ago at Johnson High.

The situation, she says, started over a boy, and Grant claims the school and principals have not tried to sit the girls down to find out if they could solve the issue. 

"I told them I knew in my heart something would happen later in the school year," Grant said.

Tuesday, her worst fears came true.

"I called my mom and said I think they are going to try and jump me," she said.

"I said go tell the principal. Tell Dr. Johnson. Find her," Carolyn Grant said. "I called the school and kept calling and calling."

"Hearing that video. Hearing her screaming and crying. It just tore me apart," Grant's mom said. "My child could have been dead. All those kids on top of her."

"We need answers for the safety of our children," Taliqua Scott said.

Scott is Grant's sister. The family says calls to principals have been ignored.

"She is scared. She didn't want to do this interview but she is standing up for herself and other kids who are victims of bullying," Scott said.

WTOC went to Johnson High School for some answers and spoke to principal Bernadette Ball-Oliver. She said she could not comment while the situation was under investigation but did say a lot happened before the cell phone video was taken and there are details the Grant family is not telling WTOC.

The family says that is not true.

"We have talked to you (school officials) numerous times about this one young lady and now it has come to a head," Scott said.

"I want them to do the right thing. Bullying has to stop," Grant said.

For now, at least part of the violent altercation lives on in video, and Grant's memory.

"The whole time you are there you are just ignoring it. I am ignoring her and ignoring and I just got pushed to the limit and got tired of it. I knew it was going to happen, and that day, I just faced it," Grant said. "You have to fight back. You have to face your demons."

The school district says principals have been in contact with Grant's family and an attempt at mediation was ignored by them.  

Grant planned on graduating in two months, joining the Air National Guard and attending college in Atlanta. Now, her plans are on hold as she and the other students have been suspended until April 4, awaiting a hearing with school officials.

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