Editorial - 3/26/12

Last month, the Savannah Air Guard's Combat Readiness Training Center, hosted a massive exercise named "Global Guardian," the largest of its kind in the nation.  This joint-forces, multi-national, Guard exercise involved almost thirteen-hundred participants, from 44-military units, in 15-states, as far away as Arizona, all running fighter, tanker, and air-lifter missions, within our large-expanse of restricted, off-shore, air-space, as well as down at Townsend  range, and a ground element at Fort Stewart.  Three-weeks in duration, including impressive field medical facilities set-up by the Canadian and Netherlands military.  As you've correctly concluded, this "Global Guardian" exercise, conducted for the first time here at our CRTC, was a very big deal.  Best of all, our Guardsmen so impressed the evaluators, that they want to bring this massive undertaking back to Savannah next year.  Great news, assuming we still have a CRTC here next year!

As a result of unrestrained, glutinous, and pandering federal spending, the piper now demands almost half-a-trillion-dollars in cuts from America's military.  As with the other DOD branches, Air Force brass have announced proposed FY'13 personnel-reductions for the active, reserve and guard components.  Despite a previous promise that such would be balanced across-the-board, sadly, they're anything but. While Air Force active-duty members make up 66% of the total force, they're slated for only 39% of the personnel-cuts, while the Air Guard, just 20% of the total, is facing a 52% share of the downsizing.  Looking specifically at the future of America's CRTC's, and the buzz-saw of budget cuts, we'll look next at the Air Force's untenable proposal and its possible impact on Savannah.