Military Salute: Sgt. Latoya Edwards

BEAUFORT, SC (WTOC) - As an Aviation Operations Specialist at MAG 31 on Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, Sgt. Latoya Edwards takes pride in her job.

"We track aircraft hours, pilot hours," said Edwards. "We deal with certain reports then report up to higher headquarters about how our squadrons are doing, if they are mission capable.

She's proud to do her part in the Marine Corps.

"It's an honor and a blessing to serve my country and second to do so as a Marine. That's not something I could put into words," said Edwards.

She says the Marine Corps has a lot to offer.

"What I enjoy most is the people you meet, the friendships you make, and mostly overcoming challenges you didn't expect you could," said Edwards.

While she has only been in the Marine Corps a little over three years, Edwards is making quite an impact.

"Sgt. Edwards is incredible, a great Marine," said Lt. Adriana Darocacosulich. "She has a work ethic like I haven't seen in quite some time in our corps. Her maturity level is beyond her rank."

Her hard work isn't going unnoticed. In the past two years, she has been meritoriously promoted twice.

"It's a great feeling and a great honor to be a Marine and serve," said Edwards.

For her service and dedication to our country, WTOC salutes Sgt. Latoya Edwards.

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