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Middle school students in hot water over MMA fight on Youtube

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The video is called Locker Room Fight Number One on Youtube. Concerned parents from Beaufort County Public Schools, worried about student safety, complained to school officials, police and the ROTC.

The assistant principal at McCracken Middle School quickly put an end to any chance of Locker Room Fight Number Two hitting Youtube and made sure what the students called a mixed martial arts demonstration, without any supervision, did not turn into a teenage fight club. 

At first glance, if you watch the video, it does look like two students going after each other with kicks and punches.

"What are you doing? Where did this happen? Why is it on Youtube?" Joseph Warfield, assistant. principal at McCracken Middle, told WTOC.

Warfield immediately began investigating after calls from concerned parents. As a parent, he had the same worries.

"Wow. What's going on? Is my child in danger," he said.

What really happened here was a case of two boys, who have never been in trouble before,  demonstrating for their friends what they learned in mixed martial arts classes in the middle school locker room. There was no animosity, Warfield says, however the internet can be deceiving.

"They made a poor choice," he said. "I just want parents to know it is being handled and their children are safe here."

If you ask the experts, they say the ring or a mat in a controlled environment like a mixed martial arts school, is the proper setting for MMA. The teachers at The Complex, home of the Gracie Barra school, say a school, home or backyard is not the place for any mixed martial arts demonstration.

"110%. Do not try this at home," Aurash Kheradmandi, owner of The Complex at Savannah Mall, told WTOC. 

Kheradmandi trains students of all ages in MMA. He says without the understanding of the mixed martial arts culture and proper supervision, any kind of exhibition can get out of hand.

"Professional boxers have a coach watching when they spar. You can lose your temper and it can happen quickly," he said.

"That is why we do not condone any kind of horseplay because you don't know when it will get out of hand," Warfield said.

Neither child was hurt. They even slapped gloves at the end of the video, after comparing welts and red marks from the strikes.

Warfield promises there won't be a fight number two.

"Oh yeah, trust me, they know it will not happen again," Warfield said.

The video has been removed from Youtube. Students involved, according to Warfield, had no  real problems with each other. While it was all in fun, and they were not trying to hurt each other, the students have been disciplined. He did not elaborate on punishment.

One student was a member of ROTC. ROTC and Bluffton Police Department are also involved in the investigation of how this happened and why it was placed on Youtube. 

The school is also looking into why the fight demonstration, in a locker room between Physical Education classes, went on for so long without a teacher or supervisor stopping the incident.

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