Editorial - 4/2/12

Thanks to the unrepentant-sins of the D.C. spending-bingers, dead-set on squandering our future for self-centered political gain today, illogically, our military now faces almost 500-billion-dollars in funding cuts. The Army, alone, will lose 80,000 soldiers.  Returning to Air Force cuts, and the specific impact on Savannah's Combat Readiness Training Center. Of the nation's 4 CRTC's,  weather and training advantages make Savannah the most favored and productive site of all. Case in point, the choice of Savannah for the very-successful, mega-unit, "Global Guardian" exercise, the largest of its kind in the nation.  With great  support from the Savannah Airport and local FAA; a 40-plus fighter-jet ramp area; large, restricted, air-ground ranges; Fort Stewart-Hunter assets; and state-of-the-art  evaluations, war-fighters eagerly come to our CRTC to train over 40-weeks a year.

As indicated earlier, the Air Force cut-proposal is unbalanced, slanted against the Air Guard, despite the fact that Guard units and facilities are the most cost-efficient to operate.  And rather than logically-closing one of the less-capable CRTC's, all four have, instead, been slapped with 20% reductions.  Much worse for our already, staff-efficient-through-shared-facilities, CRTC, which by virtue of previous reductions,  actually faces an additional down-sizing topping 40%, resulting on such limited capability, that total closure of the unit is a reality. While state adjutants-general and governors have vigorously objected to the severe Air Guard cuts, for the sake of job and economic impact loss, area citizens are urged, now, to ask our Members of Congress to push for full-preservation of Savannah's vital, national air-training resource, our superb CRTC.