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Mystery surrounds murder-suicide in Jesup


Rusted gates and heavy padlocks kept the Roberson's front yard closed Monday after hours of drama the night before. Jesup police and a State Patrol SWAT team found Randy Roberson dead inside his home early Monday morning. Investigators believe he shot himself after shooting his own daughter, Clarissa Jackson, minutes before. The shock still hadn't sunk in with neighbors like John Crews.

"I stood down there at the house and I heard the law calling him to come out with his hands up and all but I just couldn't believe it," Crews said.

Pastor George Moxley of Unity Church of God was equally shocked. He just saw Jackson at the Sunday evening service less than an hour before she was shot.

"She came to see her niece in the program," he explained. "We got to talk a few minutes after the service and actually talked about her dad. I asked how her dad was doing."

Pastor Moxley said Jackson gave no indications of any new stresses between the two. He'd met the family last year when Jackson's mother, Roberson's wife, took her own life in a park across the street from the house. The gunfire Sunday was equally shocking.

Jackson somehow climbed over a wooden fence behind the house, despite multiple gunshot wounds including one to the face. She asked a neighbor for help. Police believe that's when Roberson took his own life.

Police and SWAT teams took no chances that Roberson was still alive. They cautiously moved close enough to the house to find and identify his body.

"Investigators are now talking to the remaining family members to see if this can put together some kind of scenario that explains why this happened," stated Jesup Police chief Glenn Takaki.

Pastor Moxley believes there's no way to fully know the hurt some families carry.

"That's why it's so important for the church to make every service count because you never know when somebody's there for their last one," he noted.

For now, neighbors and police alike look for any clues to what could have led to such a tragedy.

Anyone with information about Roberson and his family is asked to call Jesup Police at 912.427.1300.

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