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InSITE--Remembering Mir Online

Like a giant firefly floating in space, the Russian space station Mir was launched in 1986. Or rather, parts of it were. At Russian Space Web, you learn that Mir--from the Russian word for both world and peace--you was actually composed of various modules launched over the years and assembled in space.

Zooming in on one of the key components, the Soyuz personnel transport, you can get a look inside this spacecraft which once challenged the Apollo vehicles in the race to the moon.

You can read the timeline of highlights from Mir's decade and a half, including such records as that medical specialist Valery Polyakov. His impressive tour of 438 days in space was long enough for the one-way trip to Mars we hope to someday take, and the longest yet any human being has been in space.

It was July 1995 when a new era of US-Russian cooperation was demonstrated with the first shuttle-Mir docking.

While it was still in orbit, you could use the NASA Liftoff page to track Mir's location, as you can now for the International Space Station. Now, all the Mir page features is a fond farewell.

Despite an attempt to privatize operations of the aging station, the decision was made in 2000 to deorbit Mir. The dramatic epilogue to this historic mission was in itself a successful mission as crews were able to control Mir's reentry and bring it safely to splashdown in the Pacific.


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