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Someone You Should Know--Ernie and Pauline Chapman

Pauline Chapman Pauline Chapman
Ernie Chapman Ernie Chapman

When most of us think about retiring, it's all about taking it easy. But not Ernie and Pauline Chapman. As members of a United Methodist Church group known as Nomads, they're anything but idle. In fact they spend their time fixing up places all around the country. No longer on any company's payroll, they continue to work hard at helping others free of charge.

"Most of the members are retired people who come South for the winter and decide they don't like to play shuffleboard and bingo, and they need to do something else with their time," said Pauline.

For three weeks, the Chapmans, along with four other couples, will be fixing up Magnolia Manor, a retirement community in Richmond Hill. "We paint, we construct, we build, we tear down, depending on what the needs are," explained Pauline.

Ernie and Pauline put in a lot of time at Magnolia Manor. They volunteer six hours a day, four days a week. But they say it's worth it. "The thing I think grabs me most is seeing how things develop as we're doing the project and after we get done, and the people involved see what we're able to do," said Ernie. "Just seeing them using the equipment we'd built was just overwhelming."

"They say we're so glad to have you, thank you for coming," said Pauline. "Because painting and things, they can see results right away and that's how we get paid with what we do."

So you see the Chapmans are quite rich. Since 1999, they've been traveling the country fixing up retirement homes, daycare centers and churches. "We believe that we've been blessed and we need to give something back to the community," Pauline.

So far, the Nomads have painted six laundry rooms, built outdoor swings, mailboxes and computer desks at Magnolia Manor.

Ernie and Pauline Chapman, both Someone You Should Know.

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