Parade Crash Hurts Charity Fundraiser

When a car crashed into a crowd of parade goers on St. Patrick's Day, the parade route was quickly changed to keep everything moving. That caused one local charity--the March of Dimes--to lose hundreds of dollars during its fundraising effort set up for that day. The fundraiser was right across the street from Wright Square when the accident happened, causing its profits to be cut in half.

On any other St. Patrick's Day, the snacks and sodas would have sold out in a matter of hours, but not this year. "Everything just basically stopped," said the group's Rhonda McCullough. "They roped off the streets wouldn't allow foot traffic, it was nothing for over an hour."

And that meant a significant loss in profits. "Normally we would have raised $800 to $1,000," said McCullough. "We were just under $500."

So, they've set up shop once again on Wright Square in an attempt to reach the $1,000 mark. Although business isn't exactly booming, volunteers plan to stick it out despite the unexpected chain of events. "It was very disappointing that we cut in half what we anticipated doing," said McCullough.

If you would like to donate to the March of Dimes, contact them at 354-5900 or via email at

We spoke to Savannah-Chatham police today and at this time a criminal investigation into the driver isn't over. But they are still checking to see if mechanical failure was a factor in the crash.

Reported by: Hena Daniels,