Millionaire's Casino Still a No Show

It was supposed to be here by March 1, but the casino boat that was to be blessing Savannah's most popular side of town is nowhere in sight. Now many River Street business owners are concerned. "A lot of people come in and ask where's the casino boat, you know, and I don't know what to tell them," said Nick Pappas of Olympia Cafe.

Nor do any of the tour companies, because there's no information to be found on the floating casino. Even after we contacted the Millionaire's Casino headquarters and asked them when the boat would finally be arriving, they still didn't have an answer.

What we do know is that the dock right outside the Hyatt Riverfront still needs work. They have to make sure it's powered up so the casino boat will run on its own power, and not the hotel's. "I think that's basically what we're waiting on is to get the power in and they should be set," said Jennifer Rochester, they Hyatt's dock manager. "I don't have an exact date of arrival yet."

Even after the company made the big announcement of the boat's arrival a few months back, its whereabouts are still uncertain. But we are still being told the boat will be coming. "I think it should be sometime in April, but I don't have a set date, so probably towards the end of April," said Rochester.

While businesses can only speculate on a date, the dock will remain empty until it actually comes. WTOC has attempted to contact the owners of the Millionaire's Casino. They have not returned any of our calls. We will let you know when it finally arrives.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen,