Baby Recovering Well After Multiple Organ Transplants

Almost a month after receiving a multiple-organ transplant, a Coastal Empire baby is well on the road to recovery. Twenty-month-old Mason Morgan was born with short bowel syndrome, a condition that left him missing 90-percent of his intestines. Now, his progress is continuing to amaze his family.

Lila Johnson got her first look at pictures of her great-grandson after he received a six-organ transplant last month. "His color is what amazes me because from day one, he's been yellow, his eyes and everything," she said. "He looks so pretty and pink in this."

Mason was born with his intestines outside of his body. The condition can usually be corrected in surgery, but while most babies have about two feet of intestines, Mason had only a seven inches. After medication and treatment damaged his liver, Mason's only hope was a bowel and liver transplant. After months and months of waiting, that finally happened last month at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami.

"I'm just amazed at how well [it went]," said Johnson. "I was optimistic and hopeful from the start, but I'm amazed he's come through it this well."

Mason is now sitting up, and the baby who was once dependent on getting his nutrition through a tube has now discovered the joys of eating. "It's great," Johnson said. "He could eat a little before, but he couldn't absorb it. It just went straight through. He likes to eat some things and it's just great because he's going to get the value of the food now."

Mason may have to stay in Miami for another month or two, but if he continues to do well, he could move off the hospital floor to the hospital's housing complex, where his mother and grandmother are staying, by the end of the week. "He's just going to be a normal little boy," said Johnson. "I just know it."

Mason now has his own website, where you can follow his progress.

Reported by: Liz Flynn,