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Editorial - 4/9/12

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In stark contrast to our days of religious observance, the zealot-cadence of the secular-drum continues to beat, intent on removing all public expression and evidence of faith in God, with the goal of turning America, a spiritually-centered, free nation, born and nurtured by faith, into a religion-free zone.    

More subtle than removing God from our Pledge, a Catholic student group at Vanderbilt University, is moving off-campus, due to the school's discriminatory, non-discrimination policy, giving any student, membership-access and leadership-selection-rights, to any campus organization. Meaning that a non-Catholic student, even an atheist, could become that group's leader. Unlikely, yes, but the University has now wedged the PC-door to religious-infringement wide open.  Next, two religion-smothering stunts in Massachusetts elementary schools, the first, naming this past St. Patrick's Day, "O'Green Day" on its day-before, event-calendar.  And the second attempt at youth indoctrination, a music performance, in which the kids were to sing the great Lee Greenwood song, not as "God Bless the USA," but as "I Love The USA." Outraged parents forced PC-addled administrators to relent.

Beyond the "separation" hoax, the real leftist objective is to remove all religious activity from public view. Out of sight, out of mind. You see, faith in God interferes with faith in State.  As Big Fed continues to take over economic sectors, and our private lives, we'll be expected to look to D.C., not the heavens, for solutions and sustenance, as total dependence follows. Stand your cherished, faith-based ground, folks.  Pray that God Almighty, not the political-power-cult, may continue to guide and strengthen our lives, and our nation.

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