School Bus Accident in Effingham County

A school bus collided with a Chevy Cavalier in Effingham County, sending some of the students to the hospital. The accident happened on Sand Hill Road, near Eden.

Twenty-nine people were brought to Effingham Hospital, including the bus driver and 28 students. Of those 28, 23 were brought in just to be checked out and only five had injuries. Four were treated at the hospital and one was discharged; none of the injuries seem to have been serious.

Parents were on the scene as the hospital's emergency management plan was put into action. We spoke to Angel Greer, the mother of a six-year-old girl who was on the bus, and she says everything seems to be going okay. She described the scene: "A lot of crying children, and the parents standing there trying to comfort them, [the children and emergency workers] were on the bus and we were outside. But we were well informed. The go-betweens came out let us know where our children were at all times, that they were being seen about, that they were being cared for, that they were all right. So, like I said, they handled it very well."

All of the students and the bus driver were treated and released. The driver of the car was taken to another hospital. The cause of the accident remains unknown.