GSU Offers MBAs Online

Chemical process engineer Craig Moore of Burnside Island is busy with a full-time job and family. "I have numerous other civic commitments, and we have two children and that has had a big impact on my opinions and my decisions on how to go about further education if at all," he said.

So getting his master's degree might never have been possible. But now, Georgia Southern and other universities in Georgia are offering MBA programs online. "This Web MBA program has allowed me to do a lot of work at nontraditional times and still maintain all the activities that I wanted to do," Moore said. "Little league baseball and gymnastics and the other things you want to do. So it has not taken me away from my family."

Moore works from his home PC in his kitchen. The virtual classroom mirrors the real one. Professors and students interact online, following the same program as that on campus. Even though quizzes, coursework, and even some of the research is done online, one of the important aspects of the program is that student interaction is required online via collaborative projects.

Interaction can also happen in real life. "We have had some serious differences of opinion...and we are required to come to consensus," Moore told us. "This has caused us to get to know each other very well. We know each other's schedules, we know each other's families, somewhat."

Even though it's a nontraditional setting, the students get a traditional education. With the traditional post-graduation celebration. "We're going to meet in the middle of the state and play golf together," Moore said. "We'll just be very relieved to be finished."

That will just be a little reward for nearly two years of hitting the books.

Reported by: Charles Gray,