Savannah Couple Featured on Popular Program : Antiques Road Show

The first of three Antiques Road Shows filmed in Savannah made it's national debut Monday night on PBS. One area couple struck it rich when appraisers from the show were in the city back in July.

Frank and Mary Finocchiaro took a bronze sculpture of a pelican, that had been lying around their house for over twenty years. "That was the last thing we probably put in a bag that morning," said Mary Finocchiaro.

But it was that last item that gave them the biggest surprise. What Frank and Mary thought was useless, Road Show appraisers saw as much more."That's when I told her 'I think we hit the jackpot', having no idea what it was worth," said Frank Finocchiaro.

The statues worth was over thirty thousand dollars. But the Finocchiaro's were in for an even bigger surprise when they realized they had a second bronze statue of a leopard still at home. The appraiser estimated that sculpture at over one hundred thousand dollars.

"I went to Hancock's and got a nice, big piece of soft material and wrapped them up so they wouldn't get scratched," laughed Mary.

Frank and Mary sent their treasures to Sotheby's Auction House in New York. The two bronze sculptures went for full price, raking in a total of one hundred and thirty thousand dollars. " We weren't big fans of the show at that we don't miss it," said Mary.

You can see the Finocchiaro's on the Antiques Road Show two weeks from Monday night on April 12th.

Reported by: Melanie A. Ruberti;