Kick Butts Day

Kids all over the country are learning to "kick butts" today. While kids are taught the dangers of smoking every day, today is special. It's a day students all over the country are taught the same lesson. Schools hold assemblies, kids make banners and many hear from former smokers who decided to kick the habit.

We spoke with one former smoker who stopped smoking in December, thanks to some help from his job. Henry Lynes works at Memorial Hospital, and it's not the doctors who prompted him to stop. It's a new hospital policy.

Lynes, a systems administrator, had his last cigarette December 7. "I guess it was just time," he said. That's because on January 1, his workplace--inside and out--became smoke free. "When Memorial said they didn't want anyone smoking, I decided it was a good time."

Lynes, who is usually giving out information all day, got information at the Georgia Cancer Coalition on how to quit. "Going to classes helped," he said. And so did the fact that he can't light up anywhere at work.

But he'll be the first to tell you kicking butts isn't easy. "I heard someone not long ago say it would be like giving up candy, and yes, it is extremely difficult," he said.

Especially during certain times of the day. "When you have a cup of coffee and read the paper, yeah, you really want one."

But Lynes has learned to fight those cravings, to feel better. "As far as health, you just have more energy, you just feel a lot better," he told us.

Lynes says he thinks Kick Butts Day is a great idea to help stop kids before they start. In fact, right now he is helping his wife to follow in his footsteps.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro,