Editorial Salute - 4/19/12

As reported by Army Times, last week, Hawaii U.S. Senator Daniel Inouye presented the family of World War II Technical-Sergeant Robert Ozaki, now deceased, with the Silver Star medal, the 3rd highest for combat valor, almost 70-years after his heroic actions.  Sergeant Ozaki was cited for courageously leading a charge against German soldiers in Italy back in 1943.  Senator Inouye apologized to the family that bestowing this honor had taken so long.

As those who still remember, or years later, learned such in history class, following the unprovoked-attack by the Japanese on Pearl Harbor, Japanese-Americans, principally those living in California, were rounded-up and confined in camps.  The irony, then, of Sergeant Ozaki's bravery under fire, serving as he did in a heavily-decorated unit of European-stationed, Japanese-American soldiers, is that, while he was fighting for world freedom as a loyal American, his own brother was being held with family, here in America, in one of our West Coast detention centers.  Strained times, thankfully, now well behind us.