Community Spirit--Laurie Wong

If we're lucky, at least once in our lives we'll have an "uh-huh" moment, when that light bulb seems to come on and everything makes sense for the very first time. So what do you do with it? Most of us just move on without making any changes.

And then there are others who do something with it. Laurie Wong is an Atlanta woman who had that moment about three years ago. That's when she made a commitment to spend the rest of her life helping children. Now she's volunteering her time teaching children in the Coastal Empire about finance and a whole lot more.

She uses the Cashflow Game, which may look like just another board game, but it's far from it. Players learn everything from how to manage their salaries to how to invest in stocks. This is only one element of the entrepreneurial class at Hubert Middle School. Students also run a store they call the So Much Shop after school.

"In the process of having fun you are learning things that you can apply to your life to succeed," said student Tiffany Bostick of the Entrepreneurial Society.

"Now I am more enthusiastic about how I want to run my business," added classmate Akeem Middleton. "I even started writing down things that I want to do."

This is what Laurie Wong wanted to happen when she started the program. "I never want them to go to work because they have to get a paycheck or because they have to pay bills," she told us. "Work because that is your calling and do it with passion."

Teaching these children is her passion. In fact, Wong is a volunteer. She flies to Savannah from her Atlanta home every Monday to teach at Hubert. She also teaches six, seventh and eighth graders in Atlanta.

"Mrs. Wong is a great person," said Akeem. "If I were someone else I would be her because she takes her personal time to come and teach us about business to make us a better person because we are the future."

Laurie Wong captures the WTOC Community Spirit with her dedication to children.

If you'd like to learn more about finance and entrepreneurship, you can attend their wealth conference on April 23 and 24. Four millionaires are coming to share their secrets to success:

Savannah Wealth Conference 2004
Tickets are $30 per person; $25 for students with ID cards
Call Hubert Middle School (912) 201- 5235 or go to

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