InSITE--The Biggest Crocodile There Ever Was

They say the so-called Super Croc was the largest crocodilian ever to have lived, a powerful predator that hunted dinosaurs. It's just one of the interactive exhibits put online by the folks at Project Exploration.

The Chicago-based nonprofit is all about getting city kids in touch with science. The project has made several impressive discoveries over the years, and you can learn all about them online.

And you can learn about the hands-on experience of the project's junior paleontologists who accompany the pros into the field and dig up bones with the best of them.

For educators, the Project Exploration also provides activities for various grade levels. Students can learn how to prepare for an expedition and how to find likely spots to excavate.

But paleontology is about more than animal bones. The Mesozoic world was filled with prehistoric plant life as well, and Super Croc and his prey lived among a variety of plants. (All the plants featured in the exhibit were actually alive in Super Croc's time, 110 million years ago.)

Project Exploration relies on donations to maintain its educational outreach and there are a variety of ways to donate. They've even set up an online store where you can buy a replica Super Croc tooth or dinosaur T-shirts to help out.