Someone You Should Know--Peggy Miller

Peggy Miller
Peggy Miller

If you've ever been to the Special Olympics, you know how much fun the athletes have. It's that excitement that keeps Peggy Miller coming back year after year. The adaptive physical education specialist for the Chatham County Board of Education, she's also the coordinator of the games in Savannah.

She organizes the winter and summer Olympic programs. And that requires a lot of volunteer hours. "I do it for the kids, absolutely for the kids, just to see the expressions on their faces and their reactions to winning those races and to competing," she said.

Peggy takes pride in organizing 200 to 300 volunteers for every event. They're training more than 430 athletes for the tennis, golf and track and field games taking place later this month.

Peggy does such a great job, she was recognized with high honors by the Special Olympics Programs of Georgia and the Savannah Area Tennis Association. "Everybody works hard it, was really nice to get recognition," she told us.

But she says even without it, the job is well worth her time. "I have taught regular physical education I have taught at the high school and college level, but this is the most rewarding job I've ever had," she said.

And it's just as rewarding for the children. "They benefit so much from it and they're so appreciative," Peggy said. "Regardless of their skill level, they're all winners and they know that."

Thanks in part to Peggy Miller. She's Someone You Should Know.

The Special Olympic Summer Games begin on April 21.

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