Group Works to Help Oatland Island

The Oatland Island Education Center has been making learning fun for youngsters for years. Now a Savannah group wants to help them do it better. Leadership Savannah wants to help the Oatland Island Education Center apply for more grants and corporate sponsorships.

The group of business and community leaders has come up with a long-term plan to help the center continue to host events--like the shearing of the sheep at the annual Sheep to Shawl Festival pictured here--and develop scholarships to allow more children to visit Oatland Island.

"It's a wonderful program out there," said the group's Brian Hussey. "But we really think it's reaching only a portion of its potential and we think with a strategic plan it can reach its full potential."

Leadership Savannah's plans also call for adding schools across Georgia, Florida and South Carolina, as well as starting a Renaissance festival.

Reported by: Liz Flynn,