InSITE--Local G-8 Summit Info Online

City of Savannah employee Lee Heidel spends his time building websites for the city, like the official Savannah G-8 Summit site.

"We wanted the most efficient method possible to get the word out to our citizens, residents, visitors and activists that'll be visiting our area about the happenings of G-8, what's happening from a local perspective," he said.

The site exists as a clearinghouse for official information from local authorities on what will undoubtedly be a busy time in and around Savannah. "Individual city departments or local groups, anyone who has the content that they would like to be published, sends that information to the police department," explained Heidel. "The police department has content editors who go through and approve the text and then publish it to the site."

You can always get the information on your PC, but during the summit itself, most of the action is likely to be on the street. That's why the site was designed with mobile phones and other internet-enabled devices in mind. The content is readable even on a handheld's tiny screen.

This sort of remote access goes the other way, too, with designated employees being able log in from almost anywhere. "They don't even have to be on a city network computer," said Heidel . "So if they're at a remote location where an event is going on, as long as they can find an internet connection, they can go in and update the website."

And during the summit, the city anticipates traffic information to be in demand. "If there was a scheduled demonstration or an impromptu demonstration downtown, it may affect how people commute to work in the morning, it may cause the police to cordon of a certain area downtown and this is a great method for us to immediately get out information for people coming into the city," said Heidel.

It's free, fast, and online at