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Christians Remember Christ's Suffering with Cross Walk

Members of Carteret Street United Methodist Church remembered Jesus's last day, as they carried a 200-pound cross through the streets of downtown Beaufort on this Good Friday.

"Sometimes we skip right past Good Friday to Easter, and we do this so we can remember, we can remember what Jesus went through on that day and how he suffered for us and how much he truly loves us," said church member Mandy Barnes.

"It looked liked it was the end for Jesus that day and the disciples but in a sense it was a beginning," said Rev. Ben Barnes.

It's a beginning these Christians hope others will experience. "I hope they realize what I've gotten from it and hope they'll come to church and get the same thing from it," said church member Lauren Wilson.

Not only is this cross walk a way to witness, but a time to remember what being a Christian is all about. "I think it's a good way to realize what Christianity is all about and why we are Christians and how we are forgiven through Christ," said church member Alanna Floyd.

By carrying the heavy wooden cross from block to block, many say it helped them put themselves in Jesus' shoes. "I was just thinking of how Jesus carried his cross after being whipped, and we had seven people carrying the cross and we could barely carry it," said Floyd.

Carrying the cross on Good Friday is a tradition the church says they'll continue for years to come. A black cloth will remain over the cross until Easter Sunday.

Reported by: Jaime Dailey,

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