Hundreds Attend Sunrise Service on Tybee

The Sunrise Easter Service at the beach is an annual tradition on Tybee.
The Sunrise Easter Service at the beach is an annual tradition on Tybee.

Hundreds of people gathered on the pier at Tybee Island to usher in Easter Sunday. Folks from all over got up early and worshipped at sunrise service. Heavy clouds and fog prevented the crowd from seeing the sun actually rise; however, that didn't prevent people from getting the most out of the Easter message.

"Lord, as we anticipate the rising of the sun, Lord, let your Son rise in our hearts as well," prayed Reverend C. Hale Bishop. "He has risen and the response will be 'He has risen indeed.' That's what Easter is all about."

The group gathered at the pier agreed. "That is the foundation of the church. If Christ didn't rise, we wouldn't have our faith," said Tim Beytaugh.

Christians came together singing and praying, reaffirming their beliefs and reflecting on the meaning of the day. "It means God, and it means life," explained Johnny O'Quinn, who attended the service.

Though it was an early start for some on Sunday, most took it all in stride. "We all have to make sacrifices....just like the Christ did," said thirteen year old Nicholas Cutsforth.

The sunrise service was put on by three different Tybee churches: the All Saints Episcopal Church, St. Michael's Catholic Church, and the Trinity Chapel United Methodist Church. Each year, the churches rotate which pastor will give the main sermon.

Reported by: Melanie A. Ruberti,