Boy with Rare Blood Disease Needs Donations

A Low Country child needs your help. He's suffering from an immune deficiency disease. Nearly three years ago, four year old Devon Boyles was diagnosed with a blood disease called common variable immune deficiency anemia. It's a disease that breaks down his immune system, and leaves him vulnerable to catching all kinds of infections and diseases.

"Infections are what makes kids with his disease pass away in early years," his mother, Angela Boyles, told us.

However, Devon can keep those infections away with your help. "Some of his baby shots did not work," said Angela. "We need the blood to make up his blood supply, which he has to have each month to stay infection free."

But since he needs the white blood cells out of the blood, it requires seven people's donations each month. That's why  Angela is holding blood drives, like one today at the Bluffton branch of the American Red Cross, to keep him alive and well. "When 9/11 happened, everyone was ready to give blood," said Angela. "Well, here's another reason to give blood."

And Devon's need is grabbing the attention of many in this community. "I've never given blood before, but I thought this was a great opportunity to do something good," said donor Traci Smith.

By donating a unit of blood, not only are you helping to save Devon's life, but you could help save up to two other people. If you'd like to help Devon, you can become one of his guardian angels, which means the blood you donate will go to help save his life.

To become one of Devon's guardian angels or to find out about his next blood drive, call the Red Cross at 843.757.7437.

Reported by: Jaime Dailey,