Someone You Should Know--Clayton Livingston

Clayton Livingston
Clayton Livingston

Clayton Livingston helps provide lifesaving services to families after disasters. She's on call when she's needed and she does it on a volunteer basis, proud to call herself a Red Cross volunteer. Four years ago, Livingston became a Red Cross volunteer. She started off in the introductory class and eventually made her way up to Chatham County Disaster Action Team leader.

It's a job she says she loves. "It's such a warm feeling to be able to give back to the community to see that we really do make a difference," she told us.

Livingston and her team mostly respond to single family fires. "Sometimes the fires are bad enough that they even loose their cars, and while we can't help with that, we can give them a safe warm--or cool--place to stay for a few nights," she said.

They also provide disaster victims with food and clothing and Livingston likes to give out as many hugs as needed. "Most of them, when they're really feeling fragile, a good hug makes them feel better and then we start from there."

She also processes each disaster case for all nine counties that make up the Savannah chapter. Last year alone, they assisted 246 families. And while she does this free of charge, she says she is getting something in return. "It's immediate feedback," she told us. "You can see that they feel better and there aren't many things you can do that you can get immediate feedback."

And that keeps her coming back, adding more work to her already busy schedule, making Clayton Livingston Someone You Should Know.

The Red Cross is more than 80 percent volunteer driven and the Savannah chapter needs more. If you're interested in volunteering or making a donation, give them a call at 356.5707.

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