New Drivers Learn from the Others' Mistakes

These students are taking a valuable lesson away from last night's wreck.
These students are taking a valuable lesson away from last night's wreck.

After surviving a 30-foot plunge off the the Veteran's Parkway flyover last night, all three people in the car were able to walk away from what could have been a deadly accident. It's an accident that's catching the attention of many first-time drivers.

For students taking driver's education, it's accidents like these that really reinforce the importance of obeying the speed limit. "After seeing the movies about all the stuff that can happen, people getting killed, they're pretty lucky nothing worse happened," said  student Elijah Thigpen.

The three men who survived this accident without serious injury weren't the first: just last year, a motorcyclist going too fast around the same curve slammed into the wall, flipped over it and dropped nearly three stories to the marsh below. He too walked away.

But for these student drivers, luck isn't what they're counting on.  "You should always slow way down before you even take the curve, that way you don't lose control," said Elijah.

While police are still investigating Tuesday night's crash, according to statistics, most single-car accidents like this one involve young men under the age of 20 not abiding by the law. "More male teenagers are involved in one-car collisions, they're in collisions by themselves, hitting trees, hitting bridges and other things, and speed is a factor in that also," said driving instructor Judith Wendling.

The three men involved in last night's accident were all wearing their seatbelts.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen,