Top Teacher--Mary Smith

Mary Smith
Mary Smith

Many students are enjoying spring break, but some actually enjoy what they learn in the classroom. One teacher at Shuman Middle School is among the students' favorites. Mary Smith teaches eight grade Georgia history and earth sciences and says everyday is an adventure.

"When I have students that are inquisitive, want to learn, it makes my job so much easier," she said.

Smith says she loves this age, and the students say Smith goes out of her way to make the subject fun and interesting. Student Caitlin Conneff told us, "She's like everybody's favorite teacher. She makes the boring work fun."

"She's everybody's favorite, everybody likes going to her class, she brings things from her past to help us learn better," added classmate Whitney Scott.

"I hope they learn their academic and learn about life in general and to become successful adults," said Smith.

Mary Smith, this week's WTOC Top Teacher.

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Reported by: Mike Cihla,