Police Investigate Animal Cruelty Case

A young dog is recovering in an emergency veterinary clinic after being rescued by Savannah-Chatham police animal control officers. The vets at the clinic on Eisenhower Drive tell us a concerned citizen noticed the dog with the skin of his neck grown over his collar yesterday evening and called police. There was also a foul odor coming from the fenced-in yard where the dog was being kept.

The vets at Savannah Veterinary Emergency Clinic had to cut through the skin to get the plastic collar off, which they say the dog may have been wearing since he was born.

"This is a very obvious injury, it's been here for a long time, it's got a very strong strong odor and it's been there for a long time to have been that embedded and to have done that much damage to his neck," said the clinic's Kristie Groover.

The dog is expected to live and make a full recovery within a month. Then he will be available for adoption. Police will be looking into whether the owner can be found so that charges can be filed.

Reported by: Aaron Vogel, avogel@wtoc.com