Hometown Heroes--Savannah Country Day School Students

While thousands of American troops continue to put their lives on the line in the war against terrorism, a group of students here at home want them to know their efforts are appreciated. They are collecting treats to put in shoeboxes and send to our troops in Iraq. It's a little something from home that will go a long way in boosting morale.

"Those people are over there risking their lives every day to help us," said Savannah Country Day School eighth grade student Quinton Zentkovich. "It's very important to support not only the troops in Iraq but our friends and neighbors as well."

Between now and the end of May, the students will collect goodies and stuff as many shoeboxes as they can.

"It's just to help them out and encourage them and let them know we're thinking about them back over here in America," said fourth grader Rachel Usher.

Although the treats are simple little things, they go a long way in helping a soldier feel loved and respected by the folks back home. "These are things that they've specified they needed, they could use," said project coordinator Burke Sappenfield. "I think when a soldier gets this package and opens the shoebox and a kid has written a note to a soldier and they've got all those goodies, that means a lot to them."

For their effort in helping boost the morale of our soldiers fighting overseas, the fourth through eighth grade students at Savannah Country Day School are this week's Hometown Heroes.

If you'd like to nominate a Hometown Hero, you can drop us a line at the station: PO Box 8086, Savannah, GA 31412, or email  rwallace@wtoc.com.

Reported by: Ron Wallace, rwallace@wtoc.com