Editorial - 4/30/12

Youth and teen bullies are a societal-malignancy, academically-vacant adolescents, who negatively impact others, in-person, or in-absentia, via home-invading social media.  Beyond the hurt, in an instant, bullying can alter a life.  A 12-year-old New Jersey boy was punched in the stomach at school by a bullying-punk, so hard, that a clot formed, traveled to his spine, burst, and left his lower-extremities paralyzed.  His family received a multi-million dollar settlement from that district, for lack of effective-response to prior incidents.  Appropriately, the three groups that enable bullying, are the very same ones empowered to stop it.

First, of course, students.  Research tells us that bullies are 6-times more likely to land in jail by age-24.  School is for learning, not hurtful intimidation.  So grow-up, respect others, and improve academically.  Be a positive role-model, not a negative one in handcuffs.   Parents: You're the first-line of defense against hurt  inflicted on, or by, your child.  Young ladies, especially, face enough social pressures, without even more, cyber-delivered.  One maligned teen, wrote on her Facebook page:  ‘No one would miss me, if I wasn't here."  No one responded.  She killed herself.  Monitor social media use. Set rules and enforce them.  Be a fully-engaged parent, every day.  Schools:  Often the bully's play-pen. Add to your zero-tolerance, the weapon of bullying.  Respond aggressively, but smartly.  A long-bullied, young, Colorado student, after being hit, finally had enough, fought back, and was suspended!  The ridiculous price of PC-suffocation.  Bullying, taunting and humiliating others is damaging.  So to all involved:  Knock off the practice.  Knock off the acceptance.  Stop the human hurt.