Suspect Arrested in Hazlehurst Murder

Mary Sharpe's body was found in her convenience store.
Mary Sharpe's body was found in her convenience store.

Jeff Davis County Sheriff deputies have made an arrest in the murder of an elderly Hazlehurst woman. On March 19th, 74 year old convenience store owner Mary Sharpe was found bludgeoned to death in her store. Deputies questioned everyone, including the customer who found her, Hazlehurst resident and family friend, Rodney Parlor.

It wasn't until law enforcement officials made an arrest in a rash of church break-ins in the same area, that deputies finally caught their man. "We actually arrested his (Rodney Parlor's) first cousin on that, and we knew they had been together and we just got to thinking maybe that led to this incident,"explained Jeff Davis Sheriff Jimmy Boatright.

Ultimately, it was a member of Rodney Parlor's family that broke the case wide open for deputies after Parlor failed a polygraph test twice. "His daddy was with him. He played a big part in us getting the confession, because he knew the boy wasn't telling the truth," said Sheriff Boatright.

Police say then Parlor confessed. "They had a verbal confrontation and it just went bad. He struck her and from there he said he just snapped, and struck her several more times and then just left her there," said Sheriff Boatright.

As the Sharpe murder investigation comes to an end, it's only the beginning for two Hazlehurst families intertwined by a twist of fate.

Rodney Parlor is currently in the Jeff Davis County Detention Center charged with Mary Sharpe's murder. The District Attorney's office in Brunswick will be handling the case. They say more charges are pending.

Reported by: Melanie A. Ruberti,