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Top Teacher--Dave Corbett

Dave Corbett Dave Corbett

As the school year winds down, this is a time when some veteran teachers will decide to retire, including a longtime educator at Savannah Christian, Dave Corbett, who teaches world history.

"I love the kids," he said. "Makes me feel young, makes me feel good. The kids are just marvelous, can't ask for a better situation."

Corbett became a teacher after retiring from the Air Force in 1973, going to college on the GI bill. After 24 years at Savannah Christian, this will be his last. "I'm reluctant to give it up," he told us. "It's just the time this is the time to do it."

Corbett may be retiring at the end of the year, but his goal is still the same, to get his students ready for the real world. "I hope I've helped prepare them for what they're going to be facing in college," he said. "They need to know there's a different world out there."

Dave Corbett, this week's WTOC Top Teacher.

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Reported by: Mike Cihla,

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