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G-8 Expert on Upcoming Summit

Everybody's talking about the G-8 summit coming to town in June. But is there anything to worry about? John Kirton has some of the answers. He's an expert, the director of the G-8 Research Group. He started following the effort when they met in his hometown, Toronto, and spoke out on the summit at Armstrong Atlantic State University last night.

He says even though people worry, the summit usually brings a lot of positive attention to the host community. "They'll remember the city, how they were treated," he said. "Even if it's talking to their friends back in Dusseldorf, 'Why not visit Savannah?' It goes on and on forever."

Kirton points out the positive news coverage brought Toronto $1 billion in free advertising. He also says there's little to no chance of major protests in Savannah.

The G-8 summit is the second week of June on Sea Island, with much of the support and media staff based in Savannah.

Reported by: Chris Cowperthwaite, ccowperthwaite@wtoc.com

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