Editorial - 5/7/12

Brain-washed students skipping school, stirred-together with brain-withered others skipping life, with a pinch of crazed-anarchists for destructive-flavoring, creates a zesty-porridge of malcontents know as "occupiers," who possess vague goals, and no realistic solutions, a toxic-movement that resembles, in substance, that which most of us produce each day, for the smile of good health.   This mob of clueless-youth, and malicious-thugs reared its splintered-head, again on May 1st.  Not by coincidence, the same traditional-date for displaying massive parades of menacing-force, in the old Soviet Union.

It's the occupation gangs, for whom free-time and property damage don't seem to be a problem, versus normal Americans, who work-hard, and cherish freedom, having little or no common ground.  The occupiers aren't happy with America, though, hypocritically, not enough to leave or stop taking from our bounty.  We do, however, know what the anarchists want, and that's Communist-inspired violent destruction.  Note the arrest, last week, of five crazed-jerks intending to blow-up a Cleveland bridge, thwarted only by FBI infiltration.  Other fantasy-land protestors seem to want less, so-called-greed, and less capitalism, ignoring the trade-off of bigger government and less liberty.  Their desire to punish productive Americans, by Fed confiscation, ironically makes occupiers, themselves, the new greedy.  America offers more fairness, and more opportunities to learn, grow, and prosper, than any nation in history, all due to our freedom, independence, capitalism, and those of our enterprising, hard-working citizen-patriots, who love this country, and feel richly-blessed, and thankful for it all.