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InSITE--Clinic or Cruel Joke?

If you surf the Internet at all, you probably see some pretty unbelievable things. But this is a strange one. Our 'web guru Charles Gray actually found it, and it's so weird, we wanted to share.

The Godsend Institute. A very slick site. Read it carefully. They tug at your heartstrings here. Starting on the left hand side with some talk about cloning and the main column on creating life from life.

For the specifics, click in to check the process. It's an introduction to cloning, and some of the text is downright creepy. Talking about taking cells from deceased children, and giving them, and their families a second chance.

They have a news page with a handful of headlines, including a denial of any connections with the odd psuedo religious group that claimed to clone humans a while back, and a birthday greeting to clinic founder... Doctor Richard Wells. Remember him. Let's meet the good doctor. A little, tiny photo at the top, and some even more creepy comments about bringing life back to families after a loss and really, almost bragging about playing God. There are also testimonials from satisfied customers. People who've lost children, and the Institute's "services." They even have a contact page with phone number, I called and got an answering machine. I didn't leave a message.

If all this sounds a little strange, it is. Check the clues. The doctor? Those little, tiny pictures? Look closely. He looks a lot like Robert DeNiro. 'Cause it is Robert DeNiro.

Check out the trailer for his new movie, "Godsend." it's all about cloning kids and what can go horribly wrong.

For the story behind the story, and the fake web site, check out "Wired" Magazine on line. They spill the beans, but still don't get anything official from the Institute. I guess we'll have to wait 'til it comes to a theater near you.

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