InSITE-Clicking Around Our Church Community

When it comes to the Internet, most of the time it's the wild, wild 'Web. But thanks to a viewer, here's a place you can take the whole family, learn, and maybe even worship on the 'Web. It's Praisepiont, a nice, clean site in more ways than one. It's Christian, and all about our churches. Take a look around the front page, there's a lot to see. Fairly new in town, but with connections right to the religious roots of our community. One more unusual point about this site... The person in charge has a real name and address. Let's make this as much like church as possible... So we'll start with announcements. You can browse in several ways, like by church name, and see what's up at your church and at others around town.

If you're looking for a church... They have a pretty extensive directory, sorted in all sorts of ways... Alphabetical by name, or by category, from faith to music. They're starting a list of church events... I'm sure it'll grow.

Ditto the message board. Considering how cruel and nasty the usual Internet message board is, it'll be interesting and perhaps refreshing to see the postings here. Maybe even inspirational. There's also a news section, and so far, it's not just typical headlines you can find anywhere else. Some religious issues, some cultural, all interesting.

One more way the Internet is changing the world, one little bit at a time, they're going to publish photos, probably of church events, but it's one more way people are taking control of information, and telling their stories, on line.