VA Searches for Family Members of Deceased Veterans (Includes List of Veterans)

The following release was issued by the Department of Veterans Affairs this afternoon:

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) seized 241 headstones and markers from the Sidney A. Jones Funeral Home in Savannah, Ga., recently.

An ongoing investigation by the VA Inspector General's Office determined the funeral director failed to place a number of VA-furnished headstones on the graves of deceased veterans at Evergreen Cemetery and several other locations. VA is actively seeking the next-of-kin of veterans listed below to alert them to the existence of the headstones. These stones are available for placement on the gravesite if the family wishes, and if the grave has not already been marked with another gravestone. Most of the veterans would have been buried in the Savannah area. The number for these families to call is (800) 697-6947.

"We are obligated to provide markers or headstones for eligible veterans. It is a promise we made to them and their families, and one we will keep," said David Schettler, director of VA's Memorial Programs Service.

Though by law VA can't pay to install headstones or markers in private cemeteries, the department produces, engraves and ships 350,000 of them worldwide every year at no charge to the family to mark the graves of eligible veterans and servicemembers. VA also provides headstones or markers for spouses and dependents buried in military, state or national veterans cemeteries.

Results of the investigation are being reviewed by the VA's National Cemetery Administration in Washington, D.C., for further action.

Here is a list of the names of the veterans for whom the headstones were made:

Aiken, Richard
Akridge, Alexander
Alexander, John
Alston, Edgar J.
Avinger, Benjamin Franklin
Bailey, Jim
Baldwin, William
Barlett, James W.
Barnes, William
Bartley, Timothy
Batterson, Hubert
Bell, Rosevelt
Berksteiner, Ralph Junis
Berry, Sr., Clifford N.
Billgard, Robert E.
Bissick, Julius
Blacksheer, Alfred D.
Blizzard, Jr., Robert Earl
Boatwright, William Joseph
Bones, Edward
Bowman, Herman
Boyd, Ivey H.
Briggs, Leroy
Brown, Anderson
Brown, Anthony
Brown, Archie
Brown, Arthur A.
Brown, Eugene
Brown, Floyd
Brown, France A.
Brown, Irvin
Brown, James Arthur
Brown, Robert
Brown, Walter
Brown, Washington
Bryant, Cozie
Bryant, David Lee
Bryant, Jr., Paul
Burress, Albert
Bush, Edward J.
Butler, Abraham
Butler, Joseph Walker
Butler, Thomas Lee
Byas, William
Carr, David Lee
Carroll, Jr., Arnett B.
Carter, Bobbie H.
Clark, George
Cody, Jr., George
Collins, Sr., Eddie J.
Cook, Nathaniel C.
Crawford, Joseph C.
Daniels, Jr., Perry
Davis, Robert
Davis, Shad
Dawson, Moses
Deloach, Gilbert
Deloach, Roscoe
Deloach, Sr., Norman
Dempsey, Lewis
Dorsey, Jr., Freddie
Duncan, Joseph
Dunham, Harry
Dupree, John A.
Ealey, Thomas
Edenfield, Earl
Edward, Jr., James
Fields, Clyde
Foster, James
Frazier, Johnnie L.
Fulwood, Fred Lee
Gaines, Dubie
Gant, Fermon
Goodwine, Charles
Gould, Levi
Graham, Henry
Grant, Willie T.
Green, Gilbert
Green, Horace
Green, Malphus W.
Green, Willie
Gregory, James
Griffin, James
Groover, Wilmer
Habersham, Sr., James
Hamilton, Joseph J.
Harris, Nathaniel
Harris, William M.
Heyward, Emery
Hill, Henry W.
Holmes, Charlie
Holmes, Jr., Van
Houston, David Benjamin
Howard, Eugene
Hull, George
Hunter, John Richard
Ivory, Levy
Jackson, James Edward
Jackson, Johnnie Nathaniel
Jackson, Nathaniel
Jackson, William
James, Johnnie Lee
Jinks, William
Jivens, Sr., Henry
Johnson, Frank
Johnson, Henry
Johnson, Robert
Johnson, Sr., Hithrone
Jones, Brady
Jones, Clarence
Jones, Jr., Willie
Jones, Reuden
Jones, Sr., Herbert
Jones, William Henry
Jones, Willie James
Jordan, Luther
Joseph, Leon E.
Kegrse, Claude
Kelsey, Willie
King, Donnie
Lambert, Joseph Joe
Landon, Herbert
Lang, Sr., Robert
Lassiter, Henry E.
Lexley, Richard Franklin
Loadholt, Mose
Lowman, Lawrence B.
Mack, Alton C.
Maxwell, Sr., Leroy
Mccray, Epharim
Mcdonald, Golden
Mcdonald, Leo H.
Mcknight, Sylvester T.
Miles, Jr., James
Miller, Herbert
Mills, Sr., Eugene
Mincey, John Edward
Mitchell, Horace
Moore, Diane
Mordecia, Vincent N.
Moss, Sanford
Murchinson, Charlie Lee
Murray, Edward
Nixon, Jr., Charles H.
O'neal, William
Owens, Allen
Owens, Spurgeon J.
Pashal, Thomas E.
Patterson, Walter L.
Pickney, William
Pinder, Hugh Dorsey
Poole, Brad
Powell, Frank
Primus, Jr., Randall
Reddick, James C.
Robertson, Henry James
Robinson, Eddie Lee
Robinson, Michael C.
Rodd, Marvin B.
Ruth, Robert E.
Sams, Carlton
Sanders, Elliot
Sheffield, Sr., James
Shellman, Raymond
Showard, Harry
Simmons, Sandy Rudolph
Simon, Willie
Small, Johnnie
Smith, David
Smith, James
Smith, James
Smith, James Arnold
Smith, John M.
Smith, Leroy
Soloman, Robert E.
Stafford, George
Stakes, Willie James
Steele, Don L.
Stephens, Lewis H.
Stokes, Willie James
Strayhorn, Eugene
Taylor, Earl
Taylor, John Henry
Taylor, Willie L.
Thomas, David
Tillman, Nicholas
Tilson Iii, Richard
Troup, Maria B.
Twiggs, Theodore Jackson
Walker, Charlie
Walker, David Sidney
Walker, Henry L.
Walker, Sr., Ezekiel D.
Wallace, Chester
Warren, Benjamin B.
Washington, Robert
Weindell, Orrie
White, Thomas
Wilds, Isadone
William, Charles
Williams, Arthur W.
Williams, Britt L.
Williams, Eugene
Williams, Geraldine
Williams, Grady
Williams, Henry Lee
Williams, Hezron
Williams, Jack Jones
Williams, James
Williams, Jr., Haymon
Williams, Jr., Warren R.
Williams, Lanza
Williams, Nezron
Williams, Robert Elvin
Williams, Sr., Franklin R.
Williams, Wiley
Willis, Maurice F.
Wilson, Frank
Wilson, John Edward
Wilson, Walter
Wingster, Jr., Phillip
Woodward, Fred
Wright, Curtis
Wright, Jr., Edward
Young, James M.
Young, Sr., Leroy