Thousands Expected for Alternative G-8 Festival

Members of the June 8 Committee in Forsyth Park.
Members of the June 8 Committee in Forsyth Park.

Savannah City Council has granted the group called the June 8 Committee festival permits during the G-8 summit in June. Organizers say they would bring in about 5,000 people over a three-day period. They will set up in Forsyth Park to promote alternate ideas to what G-8 leaders are discussing.

It's taken the group several months to get their permit approved. "What's happened in that process is the city has granted this permit to us that they describe as a no-strings-attached permit," said organizer Kellie Gasink. "There are logistical issues we have to work out before the festival."

According to city manager Michael Brown, the group will have to pay a deposit to cover any damages made during the festival and the city will assist the group with maintenance and security during the three days.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro,