Authorities Seek Missing Disabled Man

Brett James Kinney
Brett James Kinney

A disabled man is missing and the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office is asking for your help to find him. Thirty-four-year-old Brett James Kinney was last seen early Sunday morning after returning home from an outing with the Am-Vets.

He received a phone call and a short time later, someone picked him up to take him to the Huddle House for breakfast, but he never made it.

"Just not knowing where he is, not knowing if he's okay, not knowing if he was in the elements when all of this rain was going on, it's driving us crazy," said his sister, Marlene Kinney. "We need to know one way or another where he is and how he is."

Kinney was using a cane on Sunday, but he normally uses an electric wheelchair to get around. He needs medical attention for his leg and requires medication.

If you have any information on Brett Kinney's whereabouts, call the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office at 843.470.3200 or your local police agency.

Reported by: Jaime Dailey,