Marine Honored for Aiding in Search for Roberts

SSgt. Matthew Carmon
SSgt. Matthew Carmon

Tyree Roberts was sentenced to death last October for killing two Beaufort County sheriff's deputies in 2002. Today, the sheriff's department honored a Low Country Marine who helped them capture Roberts. Ssgt. Matthew Carmon not only led police to Roberts after seeing him run through the marsh, but he also helped build the case against Roberts in court.

A Parris Island drill instructor, SSgt. Carmon is finally getting the recognition he deserves, the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal.

"I just happened to observe a black male running through the marsh," Carmon recalled. "He was erratic and was half covered in mud and all the cop cars that were around alerted me that something was not right."

SSgt. Carmon was right. Tyree Roberts was fleeing the scene after killing the two deputies. "I was within 25 feet of him at all times," he told us. "If he turned left, I turned left. If he backed up, I backed up. I never lost sight of him for about 35 minutes."

That's when SSgt. Carmon led deputies to Roberts, who was hiding under a bridge on Joe Frazier Road. Deputies say if SSgt. Carmon hadn't gone beyond the call of duty and led them to Tyree Roberts, there's no telling what could have happened.

"It's possible he might have gotten outside of the perimeter," Lt. Col. David Brown told us. "He was really helpful at that particular time."

The Beaufort County Sheriff's Office also took time out to honor him. "A lot of people wouldn't have stepped up to the plate and get involved, but he did," noted Brown.

But SSgt. Carmon says it was all part of being a Marine. "I just did what I thought was right."

He also took the stand during Roberts' trial in October and testified on behalf of the state, identifying Roberts as the man he saw that day in the marsh.

Reported by: Jaime Dailey,