Meet the G-8 - Germany's Gerhard Schroeder

Another pretty close allies... Most of the time, Germany.

Germany is a federal democracy where we're a republic. Their leaders is a president, but that position is mostly ceremonial. The real leader is the chancellor, similar to a prime minister. Usually someone who can put together a coalition of political parties to agree on most things to rule the country. About 83- million people live in Germany. The gross domestic product per person, about $26,000,

So who's in charge? Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder. Born right at the end of World War II. His father was killed in the war just weeks after Schroeder was born. His mother worked on a farm and as a cleaning lady to support her five children. Schroeder himself worked hard and went to night school to continue his education and earn a law degree. When American troops, including Hinesville's 3rd Infantry Division soldiers went to Kosovo to stop the civil war there, Schroeder sent German forces to join the mission. A landmark, the first time German troops ever served outside NATO's usual region. He did the same thing when American soldiers went to Afghanistan. Here's where the support gets a little tricky... Schroeder did -not- support the war with Iraq. So that might be a sore spot when he sits down with President George Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair next month. Outside politics, Schroeder is a pretty nondescript guy, no huge controversies hanging around, he's now married to his fourth wife, a journalist.