Guardian Angels to Aid Search for Peloquin Murder Witness

Police say this man may be a witness to the murder.
Police say this man may be a witness to the murder.

More reward money is being offered in the murder case of Gloria Peloquin. The Savannah mother and grandmother was brutally murdered two weeks ago in the Save-A-Lot grocery story parking lot on Montgomery Cross Road. Gloria's family and friends increased the reward another $5,000 just yesterday, and today even more money was added, putting the total reward at $10,500.

Now the Guardian Angels are stepping in to help this family, because they say this ruthless killing is something they take personally.

"The hardest time, when it's so quiet and everybody's gone, having time to reflect on all the plans that we had, that we were working so hard for, for our future, for ourselves, for our family," said Gloria's widower, Leo. "You just wish to God they'd be able to catch this guy."

But the only man police suspect knows something about what happened is no where to be found.

Now members of the Guardian Angles want everybody to know the crime that was committed that day could have happened to any one of us. "With us letting everybody know it's close to home for us, they should think about how close it could be for them," said Angel Norman Whipple.

Because Gloria was killed in broad daylight, they feel that somebody saw something, so they're going to be passing out flyers asking everybody they come in contact with for help. "Hopefully the community will come out and help us hit all the business windows and talk to some people out in the streets and see if we can get anything out of them," Whipple said.

If you have any information, you're asked to call CrimeStoppers at 234-2020. The Guardian Angels will be at the murder scene at 7pm tonight, canvassing the area. If you'd like to help, you can meet them in the parking lot of the Save-A-Lot on Waters Avenue and Montgomery Cross Road.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen,