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Hometown Hero--Rex Demeres

Rex Demeres Rex Demeres

For most teachers, five days a week in a classroom is enough. Rex Demeres, on the hand, spends seven days a week with some of his students at Johnson High. He has such an impact on them they're glad to show up on the weekend for some extra help.

"He teaches in a way that's unique," 11th grader Matt Helmken told us. "Most teachers treat you like an adult. He goes back and explains things in ways that most people would say, 'Assume this.' He explains why this is this and does a lot of things that most teachers won't do."

For the last several years, Demeres has been coming in for three or more hours on Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons. Some students come for help with their everyday assignments, others come to sharpen their skills in advanced mathematics.

"He's really extraordinary," said senior Tina Tieu. "I mean, I don't really meet people like him. He doesn't get paid extra for this. He just comes and helps. I think it's really nice of him."

For Rex Demeres, the satisfaction of seeing his students go on to a successful college career is the only reward he wants. "I get to see the students actually putting the time and in that they are supposed to put in," he said. "I'm getting the parents that are letting the students know what's important to do."

For all he does to help these students realize their dreams, Rex Demeres is this week's Hometown Hero.

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Reported by: Ron Wallace, rwallace@wtoc.com

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